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Tuesday, July 07, 2009
  A Conscious Stream
I feel like attempting to write things humorous in nature right now. Nothing too deep figuratively or emotionally at the moment. Although those things tend to strike at random times with cobra-quickness. For example I seem to remember expressing how I feel about capitalism as an economic system and in light of its amazing positives, how it basically mimics a form of modern day colonialism. Big time companies today being every bit as quick to barbarically invade, enslave and exploit as power mongering nations of the old world. I did not develop this idea any further at the time, because at the time I was at the PB Pub, one of the most frequented establishments of my Pacific Beach posse, and it was clearly not an appropriate time or place.

There were far too many girls obsessed with 50s punk fashion showing tattooed skin and grungy beach misfits to watch; much more light-hearted conversation to be had. At my half-baked hippy-at-heart claim one friend said "jeeze man that is too deep for right now" not necessarily complimenting my ability to pontificate. Another friend commented on my statement but did not get far because his breath quite honestly smelled like that of a water buffalo's, and I lost determination to listen. The place was loud and boisterous which meant one had to lean in dangerously close to understand words. From what I could glean he simply called me a 'neo-liberalist,' which I loved the sound of, just not one bull-shitting idea of what its supposed to mean.

I can already hear the criticism of this entry. Particularly through the voice of my mother: "How can you talk about the beauty and traditionally rich nature of an Orthodox Jewish wedding in your previous entry and then talk about some soul-stealing hole where you lacerate your liver?" To this unfortunately accurate observation, all I can say is that I oscillate between blog topics, sometimes serious, other times not. It allows me to flow freely, to keep it interesting (hopefully), to use vernacular of an unconventional nature, to make sure people are still reading. So mother, cheers to you, I hope you are able to both enjoy and LOL.
Read up on the portion of this life which I have chosen to make accessible to you. Or if it is simpler, just give me a jingle and we can shoot the breeze. Either way, forget about the time, what productivity means or anything that might be pressing and get lost in some thought and imagination.

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