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Friday, April 28, 2006
  Essence of ECC

So I am still recovering from a night of behaving like Rick James with an adult class of mine. If any of my thoughts or descriptions fall short of making any sense at all its because my brain really hurts right now. people have really expressed curiosity about my school, the classrooms, and most of all, the little monsters. So here is your moment of zen. On monday, wednesday, and friday I have 8 straight 40 minute classes starting at 2pm. I have 5 minute breaks between each of them, but those 5 minutes are no joke the biggest slap in the face of rest and relaxation I have ever experienced. 8 straight classes of teaching these kids has quite honestly been one of the most challenging experiences I have ever had.....and I have had to deal with some major adversity before, not just having college paid for, and living at home after graduating like Jack Black in the film "Orange County," but some hard stuff. But let me tell you, teachers have it pretty f*ckin tough, and I am just learning that now....after so many years of being on the other end. I have so much more respect for the occupation now its insane.

So it sounds like I am just raining all over the parade of teaching english in Korea, but it really has shining moments as well. The kind of moments that can restore your faith in humanity and temporarily heal longings for home (even though I haven't had any because I have been too busy kickin ass and takin names). Young kids of any culture are just so innocent and untainted...its so disarming how genuinely sweet they can be. Forgive me for sounding like Michael Jackson but im being serious. Of course that description applies to a select few, the select few that you just want to pick up and smother because they are so adorable. The rest of them I am convinced were spawned from the devils loins. All they care about are sticking things in teachers body orifices, lewd behavior, indecent exposure, and just behaving like monkeys on cocaine.

I also have the curse and blessing to teach a wide age range, having 7-14 yearolds and adults as well. So my one adult class that I teach for 2 hours twice a week on tues/thurs, offered to take me out to dinner and debauchery, totally treating me like a king. Korea is seriously the most hospital place I have ever seen...its there biggest custom I would say. They are hospitable at least to good looking white American males (hee hee).
One other bright and shining attribute is the school teaching staff. 6 foreign teachers (3 males and 3 females), and like 9-10 korean teachers (all female). Honestly they are the most amazing group of people...and its funny, its really like a big family because you are around each other sooooo much. Honestly I am never alone except when I sleep, use the restroom, and eat breakfast...and the latter is because Koreans dont really eat breakfast. It is so easy to make friends because everyone is going through the same shit so bonding is immediate. Without having truly awesome people to relate with would make this job impossible. But I cant say enough about the school staff....Even el jeffe Mr. Moon. The dude is so great...Wes likened him to an Asian Bilbo Baggins and I have to say that description fits more than just the appearance. Some of the female teachers seem to have a slight distrust of him because they think he wants to handle their hooters or something but I dont think so, then again I dont have hooters to speak of. Okay....I am just getting weird here.

Changing gears, the name of the school is ECC, and I will post the school website shortly where you can see all of the teachers. There are a few ECC's throughout S.Korea, and I happened to enlist at the Pyongtaek location. But on the whole (there was a movie that destroyed the meaning of that saying) I dont think I could be more happy with where I am at and what I am doing. My job is challenging me in so many different ways, I am meeting truly beautiful and wonderful people, and am simply just taking a huge bite out of life. I tell you all right now, Korea is in trouble because this kid is starving.....Im out.

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