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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
  Jang Dung Buffet

Onyoung Haseyo,
So it was a long day after a strangely sleepless night. For whatever reason, last night I was up till about 5 am because I just wasnt tired. Sleeping here still feels a little would think I would be exhausted after teaching 8 classes a day with a plethora of different students, some sweet and innocent, some you want to inflict serious harm to. There was an amazing thunder and lightning storm at like 3am, so I bundled up and ran outside with my cam to try and record it....definitely a little sureal...on a street at 3 am in South Korea in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm.
So after a long tiresome day, blowing off some steam with a few beers and an all you can eat buffet was in order. At this buffet we paid 9,000 won each (about 9 dollars) to eat as much meat as we could stomach and I came dangerously close to getting more than my moneys worth. You pile all the uncooked meat (out of a refer) on plates and bring them to your table where there is an inset circular coal grill (in the table) where you cook yourself. There are many other things that are offered but in the interest of time I will keep it limited. One of our Korean friends named John is a kind hearted mad man set upon devouring life. I have only known him for a few days but I am already well aware of his insatiable appetite for life. Hes like a wild korean barbarian...ripping through bulgolgi (marinated beef), completely intact crabs, and raw beef. Yes, seriously raw beef. He is really trying to get me to eat dog meat as well. I dont know why I am not offended at his suggestions.
After the buffet "the guys" met up with the female counterparts who were having their little ladies night out at a bar/club called XO. I got my hustle on playing pool and won about 6,000 won (pronounced like wand without the d at the end). It was a good night. All I can say is my hustle game is as sharp as a shank.
wow, looks like you've really been having a blast. keep it up.
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