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Monday, April 24, 2006
  MTV Cribs: Pyongtaek Edition

How Im livin:
Okay, let me start out by saying that I have lived in some pretty atrocious domiciles in the past. I did 5 months in a 15 by 15 by 10 dorm room in Terry Hall at UW, living with two other college kids who like me did not have organization and cleanliness very high on the priority list. We were strait up rats in a cage, rats who apparently could find the cheese very easily. After the dorms, the next chapter was written in Greek, as I lived in two different frats in as many years. The frats were insanely fun, which is why you forgot about how disgustingly dirty it was. I used the term sesspool pool as a term of endearment in referring to one of my frats. I can remember the kitchen having completely perishable food items left out in the open and inside disfunctional refrigerators for the entire summer. So considering my background, the apartment I am living in now is not too shabby at all. Its studio style, with a large room that has a refrigerator, sink, stove, bed, table, tv, and a microwave (which I just had one kicked down to me). Attached to the main room is a closet, bathroom, and windowed in balcony which unfortunately has a view of a brick wall and is pretty much devoted to the clothes washing machine. The washing machine is pretty ghetto....I seriously put clothes in and they come out with new stains on them, dont ask me how. Koreans do not believe in drying machines, maybe because of the amount of energy they require, so I have a single drying string strung across the balcony room for drying clothes. The bathroom is, shall we say, a little stripped of American luxuries I am used it is basically a shower stall with a toilet in the middle of it. There is a drain in the middle of it, and its pretty comical because when I take a shower the toilet gets sprayed with my shower water. I could care less if there was a live badger in there with me, as long as I have hot water I am cool. However, you have to manually turn on a water heater to get hot water. So thats about all the details I can think of on my little cozy hole in the wall apartment. There are three teachers that live in the same building, one right across the hall from, seriously like 15 feet away from my door. Most of the teachers all live close, and from my apartment it is like an 9 minute walk to ECC (the name of the school). Everything I need is at an arms length reach away...its really nice. There are a bunch of gyms around, about 2,000 7-11 style grocery marts, two good grocery stores, a plethora of dive bars, and a major mall. So its really not that bad at all once you forget your American lifestyle and adjust to a country that is not as high on the hog. One last detail that I will share is that my apartment building painted a pretty flamboyant shade of pink. On that note, I sign off. Ciao Ciao

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