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Saturday, April 22, 2006
  PARRTAAYY: S.Korean Style

First off, please excuse my overuse of the words crazy and insane because I dont know any other words that accurately describe how things go down here and I love to use them. So I was counting down all day Friday to get off and stirr some stuff up. We all get done at 8pm on friday...its really late but we start at 2 so its not that bad. After work the entire school staff, teachers, secretaries, administrators, everybody, got together for a welcome dinner for myself and another foreign teacher fresh off the boat who just happens to be from Seattle and a WSU alum. Myself being a recent grad of UW, I must admit that I had to fight an urge to hurl dog excrement at her (husky/cougar rivalry). So at this social gathering some people ate food and other people proceeded to get slammed. The leader of the latter group was my boss, good old Mr. Moon, or as I like to think of him, the Moon miester. It was pretty much a soju marathon mixed in between bites of calbi and bulgolgi, (pork and beef). Everybody was toasting everyone else, I must have said gombay (cheers) a thousand times. It was a party full of mirth, meat and rice grain alcohol. It was so funny to see my two head administrators Mr. Moon and Shawn (a Korean woman in her early 40s) gettin loose. It was freakin awesome doing it with them. I love partyin with people above the age of 40. I should do it more often.
Explanation of the Pics: #1. Mr. Moon and Me, pretty soused at this point, I dont even realize I have a peace of lettuce on my lip. #2. Group Pic: down with the Asian peace sign #3. Okay this blog is making me look like an alcoholic but these outings are only once or twice a week. The green bottles are all Soju bottles by the way.

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