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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
  Whatup from South Korea

What it do

So tonight (Friday 4-14) I was about to catch a train at 11:30pm at night from Pyongtaek city (west coast) to the south east city of Gyeongju, eta of 4:30 something in the am. My plan was to crash in a 24 Computer room (for 1000 won an hour) once I got there. I think that trip would have probably been worth it, however I dont know my ass from my elbow over here and doing that trip would have been extremely difficult not knowing any korean besides hello, thank you and more beer please. So instead I stayed in Pyongtaek and had probably the most stellar night I have had here so far. This was on Friday and after teaching a full week of 7-37 year olds, I drastically needed good company, good food and good brew. After a good meal of which I do not yet know the name, the night started pretty innocently at Indian Camp, one of the many local bars. Everybody is having a good but tame time, just slowly drinkin and idally chit chattin. Of course, my main man John is holding it down like ozzy osbourne. To further illustrate his rock star tendencies, we were all drinking with a large group of foreigners. There is like 15-20 of us and we are all drinking responsibly for the most part and just enjoying the company. While everyone is on like 2 or three beers, he is in the corner and has already put down a pint of hard A, and proceeds to pound like 5 soju bombs (shot of soju in a pint of beer that you chug in its entirety) in between smoking a pack of freakin cigs. The funny thing is you would think he was a criminal or something but he has this quite voice, laughs at everything and never has a negative thing to say. He extremely nice and goes well out of his way to ensure that we have good times. After I tried to keep up with him, John, Mikka, Armen, Alicia (a fellow teacher who is my age who also is cooler than cool) and I went to a Noray Bong or kareoke room. I didnt think it would be my scene but holy shit it was one the funnest/hilarious times I have had in a long time. We went nuts in this little glass room where it was only us. Can you imagine hearing two Korean men emotionally belt out Elton Johns "Can you feel the love tonight"? I have to admit that my inner David Lee Roth came out when I was singing songs like Queens Bohemian Rhapsody, Smokey Robinsons Tracks of My Tears, Bryan Adams Summer of '69, and Rage Against the Machines Killing in the name of.....all with a furious passion. I was breaking out karate kicks and toe touches like a maniac with ants in his pants. We ended the night on a climactic rendition of Hey Jude. What a night. Absolutely mindblowing. Peace and love to everyone!
Wow, sounds like you are holding you own and all there.
When you get back we'll have to go out. I'd pay money to see you singing that shit.
Oops, forgot to say, this is Kim.
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