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Saturday, May 13, 2006
  Random Thoughts

So I think I am seriously becoming a Korean. At least incorporating some of the hallmarks of their culture into my life in a major way. I coming to love kimchi (which always reminds me of Kim, or Robin, lady marmalade, or whichever given name she chooses for herself this week....I luv ya Kim). Its taste kinda appeals to me, I mean its cabbage that has been buried underground in a pot for weeks, how appetizing does that sound? What I have come to love about it is the intangible aura that surrounds aura that exudes "Super Food." Kimchi reportedly gives one who eats it the power to defy age, and effects your immune system in the same way that anabolic steriods effects ones muscles. I think I also read somewhere it gives you the ability to leap over buildings too. It is supposed to be one of the healthiest foods in the world, and since I'm pretty big into self preservation, I eat alot of it.

Spicyness. Before I set foot on this peninsula, I had the spiciness tolerance of a new born baby. It was seriously pathetic, bordering on embarrassment. Over the last 6 weeks I have really come to enjoy some of Koreas spicy foods. Now I can officially say "I am allll that is MAAANNNN" spoken in gruff baritone voice. If only I could fix common household items like a toaster, or work on car engines, then that line would be truly applicable.

Noray Bongs, or kareoke rooms. Noray bongs are easily in the top 5 of greatest things ever. I put them way ahead of penicillin, the printing press, and the wheel. I love noray bongs with an intense, fiery passion. I fear that the feeling is not mutual, as noray bongs probably hate me. Forgive that ridiculous personification of a kareoke room. But I seriously kick the sh*t out of them, and end up kicking my own ass in the process. I am pretty used to waking up the morning after with sore muscles, stiff joints, and giant hematomas. The second I enter one, a transformation takes place and this nut case comes out, bipolar style. For whatever reason I just immediately get this ravenous appetite for mayhem, chaos, and destruction. Its like theres a 190 lb five year old seriously bouncing off the walls in this small, populated room.

I blame it (partially) on the music. The music (partially) makes me do it. Its like when I hear it, I am forced to physically interpret, appreciate, and perform. What follows is usually something like me attempting karate kicks or toe touches, upon landing slipping on liquid that I spilt, and totally wiping out. I mean crashin, and burnin. In a heap of flames. I think my ill conceived actions come from a long history of chimplike behavior at fraternity parties that was regularly reinforced. Big up to my D-Chi bros that tore and are still tearing the club up. However, I have decided to make a serious attempt at maybe toning it down just a smidge. Just enough to ensure that I don't put my foot through a tv screen, get arrested, or most importantly, ruin other peoples times. Noray bongs are just so wonderful and such a huge part of Korean culture because there is no way around bonding with the people that are with you. Its the most efficient way to wash away the strain of a long week. Lets also not forget that for one hour you seriously feel like the most awesomely bad rock star that ever lived.
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