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Monday, August 21, 2006
  Flippin' the Script
So I had a friend come out and visit me in my Korean paradise. It was wonderful. Complete and utter titillation. Anyone that has read the bizarre/cryptic/nonsensical entries that are etched in the Pages of Euphoria know that the experiences that take place in my Korean life knock my socks off with a force comparable to 1.21 jigawatts of electricity. Thats an amount of electricity capable of sending an 1985 Delorian back to the future. These crazy experiences o' mine are impacted and shaped heavily by those who are with me. Going through or rather getting bombarded by an incredible experience with someone is not only instant bonding but it also secures an amazing memory in our minds that can never be taken away. So powerful are these memories that Alzheimers couldn't even touch 'em. Having a another E-town native come out and flip the script on Korea with me was just special. I know that it will be an endless topic of conversation for the rest of our lives.

Here is a taste of some of the frantic and rabid emails we were exchanging as time counted down to her visit:


please answer some of my questions.
how much does it cost to get from your place into seoul?
do you want to go to the DMZ again?
do you want to try and do a temple stay with me?
i need to make reservations for those things.
how big is **** *****? just wondering.
i finally got **** ***.
i am talking about **** ***, not that i actually got an ***.
currently, i am not experiencing **** ****, but i might if i eat spicy foods in korea.

i heart you. megan

ps i dont really want to know about **** *****. i like you, but not that much.

I derived so much joy and hearty laughter from our electronic correspondences that I have to share more examples. Megan if you are reading this dont be mad at or sue me for any kind of defamation of character. Remember my pops is a lawyer, and "I didnt pass the bar [exam] but I know a little bit," (Jay-Z, 99 problems):

this is crazy, craziness
10:56 PM me: I am thinking on sunday morning after the concert we can stop buy in seoul to check some things out too...since we are already there and stuff
Megan: cool
10:57 PM me: so we will have two days in do u want to do!
Megan: ****IN CRAZY tomorrow is my last day in japan man, it went by so fast
me: i bet
Megan: i will do anything
i got a lonely planet seoul we can use
just when i started getting *** my time has to end ****
10:58 PM me: thats total ******** and I feel like i am going to be in the same ****** boat u are 10:59 PMme: i cant talk long cuz I have to hit the sack...
Megan: OMG I WILL SEE YOU THURSDAY....and warning i have gained weight
Me: CU soon, and thats probably one of the funnier warnings I have ever been issued, and I am sure its completely false.

Thanks to you Megs for a few things: 1. All the long, black shedded hair strands that I am still finding in my apartment. 2. Answering some of my ridiculous and often times boundary crossing male questions as we tried fighting off sleep in the same 400 or so square feet of living space 3. And just for coming out and sharing in the Korean magnificence with an old friend.
Megs, our conversations over the internet were too comical not to share. I'm counting the days until we can party platonically again together in another foreign country. I ****in love writing with *'s by the way.
Was that you who posted on my LJ? Some how I think you're the only one that would call yourself Casper.
Indeed it was me posting on your LJ. And I did indeed refer to myself as Casper. I think the name is unusual and has character. I like how we are communicating through our respective blogs.
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