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Thursday, August 31, 2006
  Travel Warning
I am departing to North Korea in less than 24 hours. Living 2 hours away from the "Axis of Evil" isn't enough....I have to delve deep into the jungle to find the true heart of darkness. What the hell am I talking about and more importantly, what the hell am I doing?

I am taking a bus from Seoul and crossing the 38th parallel boundary of the DMZ at an undisclosed location and traveling deep into the land of one of the worlds most notorious totalitarian dictatorships.

My travel itinerary over my 48 hour stay includes hiking Goomgung San mountain, enjoying multiple hot springs and mineral baths, attending the famed North Korean acrobatic circus named the flying Stalinists, and taking a tour of a nuclear power plant. I will bring back enriched uranium or maybe some plutonium as souvenirs. Only one of those activities is false.

Due to the fact that the internet is outlawed in the wonderful North, I will be outside of contact until Sunday night. Everyone be safe and sane, and I will follow my own advice. My chimpanzee dial will be turned all the way down.

Outpost of tyranny here I come.
Talking to one another via blogs is fun, but boy do I miss those funny E-mails I used to get. What ever happened to those?
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