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Sunday, March 04, 2007
  Welcome to the Jungle
Reasons why my life is hilarious/in shambles right now:
#1. I awoke to a wonderfully sunny morning with an empty bag of cookies in my bed, and crumbs from those cookies adorning my shirt and sheets. Awesome. A bag of cookies (with names like “chocolinas, and panchitas” on the packaging is at least a little safer and healthier than awaking to some other things in your bed. I don't need to name anything, but I enjoy lists....a lot so here it goes: head of a thoroughbred stallion, a business woman (or man for that sake), a rabid raccoon, or Oprah are just a few things. Viva America.
#2. Went to check a room in beautiful San Telmo yesterday, and briefly had my fortune read. I met Paula, a nice woman of a slightly mischievous persuasion as I stepped out of the elevator on the fourth floor. She proceeded to show me the space which was nice but not a suit for me. After showing the space, she invited me to sit and chat in mixed Spanish and English. We chatted about the normal stuff, yet our conversation took a turn towards more titillating topics when she asked me when my birthday was:

me: “uhhh, December.....porque?”
Paula: starting to giggle.... “because I am witch”
me: “Una bruja? What the hell are you talking about?” through exasperated laughter.
Puala: “no, no, I read fortunes”
me: “Ahh, my palm then.”

I showed her my left palm, and after a few seconds of searching, she let out a blood curdling shriek and tore out of the room waving her arms frantically in the air. Just kidding. I asked her if there was big money and pretty ladies in my future and she didn't know. Some kind of fortune teller. However, it was the most entertaining house visits I have made though. Pure craziness.
#3. My heart skips a beat every time I hear a noise outside my current apartment for fear that the Argentine owners will barge in and find me, little Joey the American kicking it in their property rent free, getting my krunk on to some Young Jock or David Bowie, in various degrees of clothing liberation. My roommate is out doing the travel thing for the weekend and has left me alone in charge of the place. Can you imagine the scene of the non-English speaking owners coming in to see me with my lack of clothing, eating cereal/yogurt, watching some Spanish subtitled jeopardy? Ridiculous.
#4. While I am making light of situation #3, it is serious. My most hospitable and downright trendy roommate went out on a limb to take me in for a bit, but I was well aware of the need to locate my own housing. This is what I did as of yesterday, 300 emails and 5 house checks later. I am actually set to move in like 3 hours. I am paying a little more than I wanted to, but the room is big, and has a picturesque terrace graced by shadows and sun beams through the lofty branches of an old elm tree. The interesting thing to note is that I will be sharing the rest of the house with Linda, the charming and sweet non English speaking owner of the house who is late 30ish in age. Readers of these pages, please give me some movie ideas that would involve myself interacting with Spanish Linda. I am thinking footage of me cooking with her, or playing tennis with her, or doing pilates with her would be completely priceless and worth a thousand laughs. I truly hope those dreams come to fruition. This honestly has the feel of a reality tv show, and as you can see, I still have way too much free time. Dopalicious.
This transmission must end, I must pack my shit up, and Spanish Linda must accept the fact that her life is about to be turned upside down.
I am glad to hear you have found a place. Take pictures so we can share in the fun. And when you get the time, drop an email to your big sis and tell the mundane stories that have yet to make it into you blogg.
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