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Monday, April 23, 2007
  The Wrecking Crew
My 5 days in the southernmost city in the world were made amazing not only because of the surrounding beauty that induces occular hemmorage, but because of the international freindship I discovered. Getting off an 18 hour bus, not making a social attempt during that span of time, I found myself in need of other like travelers without an fn clue of where they were laying their head for the night. Claiming our luggage, I put myself out there to one girl, another bloc followed suit, and BAM! POW! BOP! I found two friends and a dope place to stay...dope as in your Holas get ignored, the lights get turned off at 1130, and partying is frowned upon. At this place of merriment, I met the other wouldby members of the wrecking crew. Without further adew, I will introduce this crew becuase this locuturio (net cafe) is ripe with noise pollution, and creative thought is excruciating to entertain. This german schmuck to my left is going off like the fuhrer into his skype headset, and his girlfreind is curling a 50kg weight with her left earlobe. I am guilty of the same boistrous conversation when I get my skype on, so Germany, no offense.

Natalie - New Zealand, Fake blonde, hobbit height, 28. Laughs at almost anything, at inappropriate times of conversation, quite like myself. Owns the largest ipod musical collection I have ever seen, tipping the scale at 68 gigs of usage. Claim to fame: Standing on her chair in a populous bar in some kind of pro feminism salute, loosing her balance and crashing into the radiator with a loud and wretched wood on metal crash. The cool was momentarily knocked out of her step. She loves cheetah print clothing, and bright blue michelen man style jackets.

Craig - U.K., we all dont care what he looks like, he just kicks ass, 29. Extremely nice and respectful, shares my passion for pirates, LOTR, and other visionary flicks. Upon reaching enebriation, he turns into an annoying ball of love confessions. Claim to fame: makes Hugh Grant eat his own heart out in his bashful, stammering, quiet and unassuming Brittish accent (that is very apparent in his Spanish) that slays all things female. Detect the jealousy in my tone.

Oscar - Spain, Tall, Spindally, and very, very gay. Believes 10% of every population is automatically gay as a trend. I named him the night stalking queen for reasons I cannot herein disclose. He made a serious pass at me, to which he found a carne empanada bouncing off his skull. Claim to fame: owning without a doubt the funniest accent /voice combination I have ever heard. All I can liken the sound to is a combination of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan´s voices.

Suzy - Paraguay, casper white complexion, 22. Fluent in Spanish and English, her skin is a pastier white than mine, shattering what I thought to be a universal truth. A champion of animals, and an eater of soy burgers, her claim to fame is working on an Ecuadorian monkey farm. She has given me hope to one day soon, work at the same animal rehibilation location. I cant wait to put that on my C.V.

Jose´ Greenbargo - USA, ageless. Fluent in English and Spanglish. A lover of all things unconventional, owns clothing whose washing is long overdue. Overly obsessed with privateering. Claim to fame: at 11:15pm, Sunday night, after wonderful group alcohol consumption, sprinted the 1.5km distance to the one tenedor libre, or all you can eat buffet in town. The yogurt, bananas and crackers I had eaten all day left a ravenous hunger inside. It was glorious, it was also a Chinese buffet, making its location at the end of the world even more surreal. I was set to leave in 4 hours with Natalie, my new travel mate.

To my international team: I love you plutonically, and you all made the time that much sweeter. We did Ushuaia the right way and are now left with beautiful memories and bonds of foreign friendship that will be called upon some day in an email either distant or near.

DISCLAIMER: this entry contains words that are horribly mispelled, calling into question whether or not I recieved a college education. The spell check does not want to work on English, so accept my illiterate apologies.

I am in Bariloche, on the western ridge of Argentina, just a couple hundred kilometers south of Santiago, Chiles capital.
wait...i thought you were doing something crazy like working, or something like that.
I found work, and then realized it would be more interesting to live off the dwindling korean won in my bank the name of actually having to financially "rough it" for once.
However, volunteer work waits for me just around the corner.
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