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Saturday, June 02, 2007
  F·%$ing Big Dinosaurs
I left that dirty room full of smoke and computers around 6am, my night stay costing 15 pesos, or 2 pesos per hour of interent use. I slept for maybe an hour and half, being woken up in the middle with a heavy clap on the back from the owner of the cafe, who probably thought I was some great white vagrant lost in the streets of Neuquen. I hit the road in the same dark and the same cold that I found the city in...(interesting to note that I am now writing this entry in the 85% humidity of Ecaudor) heading strait for the bus terminal. On a mission. In search of those things that widen the eyes of most children, that parch the tongues of paleontoligists, that make Joseph Greenberg travel about 3 days out of his way to see. There may be haters out there who would think this trip an unworthy destination, an immature escape...but then again, they cant say that they have known the company of the biggest dinosaur remains in the world.
Ladies and gents, damas y caballos, allow me to introduce my quiet but enormous friend, Argentinosaurus Heuiniculus, or a shorter and more personal monicer that I gave him, Daryl the F"%·$ing huge dinosaur. In the pic above, he obviously makes me look miniscule, which is an alarming feat due to the fact I am in ownership of rippling and massive muscles, (and a cranium whose circumfrence which measures over three feet). Standing betwixt his hind legs, I suddenly realized I was just below the biggest anus the world has ever known...and I can count my blessings that Daryl wasnt alive with a functional digestive track waiting to pass. This unfortutely cannot be long, because my volunteer friends Tjitska and Sian are waiting for me. I am in Tena, a city in the Oriente region of Ecuador. I love everyone. Hasta pronto.
ps. Daryl was 160 meters long. Do the math in feet, the rest of the world doesnt use that unit of measure.
do buddahs or dinos make better sleep mates?
Dinos 4sure. Although they didnt smell of pho bo soup and insense.
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