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Thursday, August 02, 2007
  Don't Do Drugs
Buenos dias con todos. I have ignored the blogosphere, among many other things like clean clothes and mirrors, lazily for the last month. This is a genocidal like shame because the last month has entertained some of the juicier, dangerous, magical, and spell binding experiences this young entrepreneur/inventor has ever known. Considering this, and my two week vacation (from a vacation) in Boston with unlimited internet access and sub 90% humidity levels, I will try and write a short little something everyday. Take advantage of those resources seemingly taken for granted I say; specifically talking about a free and steady internet connection, leave the fossil fuels in the ground, the trees where there rooted.
The image of this furry individual was captured on the eve of my last working day at Amazoonico, an animal reserve in the Orient region of Ecuador's rain forest. His name is Macha, he is about around 15 months old, and is one of the 12 juvenile woolly monkeys living freely at the reserve. Macha is still perfecting his leader of the pack skills, as the jefe of the group at the moment is a female named Olga, who not only has age on him, but muscle, body hair, and long pointy teeth as well. It is this little pack of rebel Woolly monkeys, or Chorongos as they're called in Kichwan, that run amok and cause all kinds of monkey chaos for the volunteers living with them. Thankfully they are very friendly and not savagely aggressive (the adults can be), and their tomfoolery is usually taken with a smile and mild shake of the fist. Some examples include spying on you while you shower in the waterfall, and upon washing all of the days dirt away, they will jump on you and soil your leg with fresh dirt while making a mad dash away with a flurry of somersaults (known as roley poleys in the UK). Kapari, you know I am talking to you.
These images provide still more evidence. I found these photos disarmingly cute and humorous, others may be harboring a few misinformed ideas. Allow me to shed some light on some of those faulty ideas: No, Macha does not own a coke habit more expensive than Robert Downey Jr.'s, nor does he own a coke addiction at all. Again, he is not a blowhead, he is not about to drop the line "Say hello to my little friend!!!!," and he is not on Pablo Escobar's pay roll. What these photos illustrate is their wont to ingest absolutely anything, from glass, soap, their own fecal matter, and yeah, flour as well. In a feverish and frantic attempt to start baking food for my despidida, I spilled a little of the white cooking ingredient, and the Chorongos were first on the scene with ravenous appetites. Yes, we can officially equate spilt flower with a barrel of monkey serving of fun. Thanks Chorongos, you are already missed.
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