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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
  Adventures of Joe Parker
Professor Montgomery recently walked out of my South American life and onto a bus headed towards Buenos Aires and the end of his time in Argentina. Being moved by the warmth of Argentinian custom, we kissed cheeks and it was weird and great. One crucial difference between us is that he is actually an established American; He is stacking chips in the real estate game, as well as the old 401k; He is making moves in the American grind (i.e. he has a job), and just being an all around good capitolist by buying gas and driving an SUV. I on the other hand have none of those things, we will call them roots. Im freer than any bird youve ever seen, than any bird that Lynrd Skynrd ever wrote about. The point of all this is to illustrate that the Professor was only able to get away from those American roots for two weeks. Of those two weeks, we were able to form like voltron, blaze trails and so much more for about 10 days together. My oh my what a 10 days they were though, as in that span of time some major ass was kicked, beautifully intricate cultural customs were learned and appreciated, and as an overall trend, we partied like it was 1999.
People, this is what happens when you breach the border of states 50 and visit me in the south of the world:

1. You do things like crossing the Bolivian border via Argentina soley for a party.
2. You attend all day rodeo beer fest meat feeding frenzies.
3. You almost go skydiving for 40 dollars. I have no picture to illustrate how crazy, cool, potentially life threatening this true fact would have been.

4. Busses are ridden in time lengths measured not in minutes or hours, but in days.

5. You see a place that can legitimately be called the most beautiful place on Mother Earth, or Pachamama en Espanol.
Parker, I want to genuinely thank you for getting the motivation and wanderlust to come take part in vastly different way of life with me. Also for dipping into the funds a little bit, (now is the time to do things of this nature); I am now nearly broke as a bad joke, and will require a small section of your cartpet to sleep on and maybe a water dispenser when I come home in November. The mists of time shall never fade the memories, God bless the digital age. I love ya bro, heres to the adventures of Joe Parker. While writing what was to be this entry in my actual travel journal, I was sitting and looking out over el punto de las tres fronteras, or the point of the three frontiers. An actual spot where while standing on Argentinian soil, you can see Brazil and Paraguay at the same time. At the moment of creating this entry on, I am just south of the Bolivian border, in a dust swept city called La Quaica. I plan to cross the border into Bolivia in about 15 minutes.
ps. They serve crustaburgers in Bolivia. Simply awesome.
This is all I have to say...
I cant read that link, so check this out...
iguazu panorama
The panorama is freaking incredible man. How do we blow that thing up and print it off? Still missing those bathing suits man.
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