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Sunday, September 09, 2007
  Brother Appreciation Day
For almost 7 months foreign paths have known my feet. Whether on tiled Argentinian sidewalk, through Ecuadorian jungle, or kicking up dust on a Bolivian dirt road, my feet have feasted on vastly foreign terrain. This of course was my aim. However in undertaking this adventure of loose feet thousands of miles away from home, there has been one viscous price that I have had to pay. And that price is simply not seeing family. Over the span of the last 17 months, I was home for roughly three. I miss my bros; I am going through some serious Greenberg brother withdrawals. They are growing up, and it acidically burns that I am not around them, taking witness, taking part in the storm. Skype, while fantastically frugal, can only do so much from a Bolivian hole in the wall internet cafe in the way of family bonding. With this being said, I wanted to do a little Greenberg brother show and tell. The two of them are incredible important to me, I am overly proud of them, I hope that my words do not convey arrogance. Brothers can be bragged about right? Right. (during periods of solo travel, you get good at talking to yourself).

Jumping right in, I would like to call attention to Wes. The family lost contact with him about 8 months ago, when his obsession with the professional wrestling circuit took on unhealthy levels. He surgically implanted blonde hair into his scalp, and regularly bleached his mustache in worship of his long time hero, Hulk Hogan. I recently came across news that the Hulkster himself had to get a restraining order against him, and repeatedly had to get the local authorities to throw my middle brother and his tent that he was sleeping in off his property. JUST JOKING. Wes is actually a wonderfully adapted and adept human being, on his way to graduating from Western Washington Univervisity, hallowed halls of scholars. The picture of him at left illustrates his waton disregard for the judgments of other people, his tendency to wild out, and just a little bit of the color in his character palate.

As it were, myself being first born, and his being second born should, according to psychological literature, entail huge differences between us. While growing up together, this couldnt have been further from the truth. I regularly wanted to end his life with fiery passion. My distaste for him was palpable. I was pretty much a physically abusive alcholic father of an older brother. Somewhere along the line however, a flip was switched, something jarred loose, a stick was removed from an orifice, and I simply grew up. I came to appreciate having a middle brother. He still possesses the ability to drive me off the f*cking wall like no other, but I choose to look past that and into how much I love Wes. How much I love the fact that we both find humor in the most inexcusably stupid things like 80´s Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Smeegs, keep doin what you do; Just give me all of my G*ddamned things back.

Moving Chronologically we come to one burly beast of a youngest brother, we got Zach (second from left in the pic). Or Zehar, or Zigtar, and a whole treasure chest bursting with more names of a less becoming nature. He was not always the hulking manchild you see now, but in his younger and smaller years an oh so adorable little ball of human dough. I must choose my words carefully here, as he possesses the might to terminate me if he so wished. When I last saw him in Massachussetts, I suspected steriod usage at how much muscle he put on, but that was quickly disproved at the lack of sx like explosive King Kong rage and backne. He had simply been devoted to the weightroom to give himself and football team a competitive edge.

It is at this point that I want to stand on my little South American soap box, and call attention to the fact that he (#51) is doing and taking apart of something truly amazing. His football team, the Edmonds-Woodway Warriors, are on their way to being one of, if not the best highschool football teams in Washington State 4A football. The forty something thousand people of Edmonds are united in crazed support of the deeply talented and downright intimidating varsity squad. I am quite sure the players enjoy celebrity status. As in Zach gets recognized and sought out at the Westgate QFC while buying protein bars on a regular basis. I hope, yet am confident that I will be able to make the last rounds of the state tournament, to see and support my youngest brother doing something great. Zach, stay focused, stay determined, and keep lighting fools up as Terry Bradshaw would say. Know that I am with you and cheering you on every step of the way from South America. Go Warriors and salud hermanos.
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