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Thursday, October 11, 2007
  Estaba allí
Current J. Peso location update: Puno, Peru. I crossed the Peruvian border via Bolivia about 5 days ago. This update will be valid for the next 2 hours. As in two hours I will find myself in the stuffy, stagnant smelling confines of un collectivo or bus to Arequipa, Peru.

Maybe I should do these updates more regularly, as the first question asked from family and friends is consistently, "Where the hell are you?!?!?!" As a game I try and make my mom correctly guess which country I am in, and she is successful 50% of the time. This reality of being lost to to the world is probably not the most positive of aspects; it simply arises from 1 part laziness, and 9 parts sheer lack of internet access. The last few weeks I have slept on islands living life still in the 1920s, busses blockaded from passage, lakes with titi and caca in their name, and villages that run electricity one time per week to charge cell phones and power the one original nintendo. Needless to say, my itchy little fingers have been removed from thier much needed internet interface.

Of my South American journey, I am on the last stage, in the last country, being Peru. I have roughly 4.5 more weeks of playing Indiana Jones, and about a grand left to my adventure craving and boozing habits. Giddy is my mood at arriving in Arequipa at 6am to wander the streets in search of a warm bed in a groggy eye crusted state; night buses are my election, as they save on a night of accomodation and frugality is my middle name. Off to catch a cab now to the terminal de autobus. Peace
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