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Monday, February 04, 2008
  Superlatives & Superbowls
Reflections on adventures foreign and domestic must momentarily take a back seat to one of the greatest Superbowls of all time (1st superlative of many to come). There is too much unbridled emotion, pangs of heartache, dumbfounded confusion and flabbergasting dissappointment to not use a blog as a coping device. 18 and 1. 18 and f$*&^#%ing 1?!?!?!?!?! That number 1 constituting a loss which was the biggest upset in NFL history and the dashed hopes of Patriot immortality. The New York Giants upset the recently perfect 18-0 New England Patriots in Superbowl XLII, the most hyped superbowl of all time, more hyped even than the Puppy Bowl which aired on Animal Planet. It is all I can do to feel upset for the Partiots. They were that close to being arguably the best NFL team in history. Their perfection was spoiled; their focus on staying perfect brought too much pressure and they tasted defeat in the last and most important game of the season. The Patriot dynasty, had they won, would have been cemented in NFL history as one of the greatest of all time, doing what no other team has done. That task of remaining undefeated after a 19 game superbowl capped season still remains undone thanks to the play of the supermen that are the New York Giants.

Football is such a freakish sport, with games being won or lost over the smallest, unbelievable, inconceivable details. The game is also made freakish by impish grins from Mr. Strahan. The Patriots lost by 3 points which makes you wonder why Belichick opted out of a 49 yard field goal on a 4 down and 11 in the 3rd quarter. Or makes you wonder how the Patriots franchise cornerback Asante Samuel missed a game ending interception when an Eli Manning pass bounced off his hands. It was this defensive infraction that would allow THE PLAY: Eli somehow Houdinis' his way out of the grasps of two rushing Patriot defenders in what looked to be a sure sack. He showcases never seen before athletisicm, evades the rushers and steps up in the pocket to throw a bomb. A beautiful, tightly spiralled and leatherbound bomb. On the receiving end of it was Giants receiver David Tyree who in turn stuns all with his own magic trick of catching the ball with a hand and a helmet. Gandalf the White would have beat his own brow with his enchanted staff out of perplexion. I'm calling it the most amazing play in Superbowl history, even though I can only remember caring to watch the last 10 out of 42 Superbowls. It still has to be the most amazing Superbowl play ever.
In actuality, the game was won not by Eli Manning or David Tyree on one play however great it was, but by the N.Y. defensive line. That defensive line showed up and played with a fervor of such fierceness and ferocity that the Patriot offensive line and Tommy Terrific will be nursing physical and mental hurts for weeks to come. Lead by Justin Tuck and Gappy Strahan, the defensive line of the Giants absolutely dismembered those Patriots trying to protect Brady and held the most high powered offense to just 14 points. After the Patriots O-line was steamrolled, that precious golden armed slinger Tom Brady was left vulnerable and very much outside in the cold. He got touched. Punished. Taking the highest amounts of sacks all season in the Superbowl, he looked like a flipperless seal at points being thrashed by a pack of great white helmet wearing sharks. His wounds will be impervious even to the healing power of supermodel girlfriends for awhile at least. It almost seemed hallucinogenic to watch Tom Brady, who I was (still am) convinced was a robot sent from the future of extremely good looks and markmanship in his uncanny play during the regular season, having his ass handed to him. In the end, it was not an act of the New England Almost Perfect Patriots choking, but the New York Giants and its ranks of supermen making the plays necessary to secure the win. Going in two touchdown underdogs, the Giants are shining examples of how to believe in yourself when noone else does. The Giants did and now they are World Champions.
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