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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
  The Highlight Reel
I like reasons to make movies. While not examining all of or even the most popular of reasons to make movies, I will focus on THE one at hand. Wesley Greenberg, the middle brother of the Greenberg trifecta, asked me to make a short piece roughly five minutes in length. His parameters were eloquently stated as "just make it of all the cool shit you've seen in your travels." He is participating in a collaborative concert by producing one song, and he wanted both something visually stimulating in the background and from what I understand, something inspiring to create to.

So it was this that I tried to provide for him. It was an extremely enjoyable challenge as the inspiration to make a short clip like this hadn't really presented itself. As many of my friends know, I do love to make short documentaries/slide shows with tunes about the countries and cultures I have experienced. However making a highlight reel of sorts simply of my favorite footage was a task that had not entered my mind. Thank you kindly Wes (Smeagol) for giving me that creative challenge and choosing to include me in your music production school work.

The clip is finished and posted here for everyones viewing pleasure, should you choose to view it pleasurably. There is little to no cohesion in the clip as it jumps quickly between content that is very different. It is simply a collection of the cool shit I saw in my wanderings through out the globe. One unifying theme may exist, and it consists of the things I find beautiful. Those things are usually extreme landscapes, and real people showing true emotion. Wes' concert is in a few weeks, and his music is forthcoming. For now, I have added my own soundtrack of Trent Reznor and Jose Gonzales. Enjoy.

The video was beautiful and really well done. Good choice of tunes too. I'm watching your other videos on youtube now. Very enjoyable.
muchisimas gracias edubs!!! puedes ser la rubia caliente ke la conozco?
just finally watched that video. nice compilation you've got there. hard to believe you have shot all that on your circa 1984 brick.
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