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Sunday, November 08, 2009
  Happy Grinding 8 to 5
Through much preckling (prodding/heckling) from one Mom Dukes, I return to create some kind of account activity from a three month hiatus. This entry finds me a month into the first corporate experience of my life, with perhaps the biggest name in cell phone chip-set innovation, international market crushers Qualcomm. It has been a surreal month thus far, as I have been looking for an opportunity to work with this company for over a year. Before leaving Seattle in October of 2008, I had written a letter to the home address of the founding CEO whom I had never met before. Maybe a little too proactive a move, maybe deemed too much a "shot in the dark," but it was the first move of a year long process which has ultimately ended with accomplishment of my employment goal. I am a Qualcommer, here me woot! Who knows where this will go, if I will continue to make positive moves of growth with proven examples of hard and competent work.

What I am doing at this premiere company is a good question. Since writing the first entry on this blog two and half years ago in an alien feeling South Korean hotel room, I have fantasized about working in some facet of international business or foreign relations. I am a lover of foreign culture; if it were food I would consume it readily like a ravenous animal all while maintaining manners with a carefully placed napkin in my lap. With this new position, I get to satisfy this fascination with international relations as I am working in the department of Export Compliance. Simply defined this term refers to the process of complying with the shipping laws and customs of the United States government and the governments of countries through out the world. It has been awesome to say the least thus far. More will come soon, it happens to be getting late, late at least for a man who finds himself fresh in the 8 to 5 working track.
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