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Monday, November 23, 2009
  Thanksgiving in My San Diego Corner
Staring down a short work week is an easy task. Especially so near the holiday of Thanksgiving, where I aim to induce carpel tunnel syndrome by holding up a ceramic plated mountain of food. This year will be different though. I will be without any family presence at all. My Thanksgiving plans will find me loaning it with Travis and Alex, two other friends feigning bachelor coolness and loner independence. Reveling in American football while indulging in what will most likely turn into a marathon of booze, will blur the absence of more wholesome hallmarks that make up this holiday. The 75 degree weather will, like the booze, provide a warm numbness as well.
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Thanksgiving Day: Sunny. Highs 75 to 80 near the coast to 82 to 87 inland.

Don't get me wrong, Novevember 26th will be a glorious day of manhood. There's going to be potent libations, devil's juice if you will. Irish coffees (coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, heavy whipping cream) will start the day off with a perculating buzz. There's going to be three NFL games on over the course of the day. One goal is to watch and satiate through each of them from back alley watering holes that service a healthy flow of roided out riff-raff.

Since Travis nor myself really feel like exerting the effort to cook a bird, and Alex generally sits down to dinner from a box from a microwave (nightly), we are taking an easier solution. Our local grocery store called VONS (safeway conglomerate) is selling pre-made meals with all the basic necessities that make up a Thanksgiving meal. The meal supposedly serves 6-8 Americans or 12-15 Japanese, and costs $40 in total. The Vons sales clerk apparently told Alex in an emphatic tone that "there'll be left overs," after which she laughed a smokers laugh and almost coughed up a lung into someones plastic grocery bag. Oh I am excited if not even a little scared for this meal, whether it will be a success or if this adventure will lead to some kind of intestinal disability.

Two more days this week shall last before the vacation time begins. And when it does that precious vacation time shall melt away like soft-serve on the surface of the sun. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, somewhere behind Halloween and America's birthday, and mine this year will not be so shabby. I am thankful for my health, my twenty something and sliding age, my current employment with Qualcomm, the roof over my head, my 1996 honda civic dx that does not have AC. However what I am most thankful for and which happens to be furthest from me are my family and loved ones. Wes is tucked away on the farside of the world teaching English in Korea, parents are enduring Seattle's rain, I hope Zach is doing something productive in Bellingham besides leaving personal property in gay bars (I dont know what is in that kid's water aside from adoral). Those people, who I am most thankful for, touch my life in huge, immeasurable ways, and its unfortunate on this holiday their physical touches will be out of reach. But at least they know I am thankful for them. Happy Thanksgiving and I respectfully defy you to put more cranberry sauce on your food than me. Gobble at your boy.
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